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Corporative Solutions

The main concept of corporative solutions is to create a unified corporate network for the enterprises, partners and clients. It’s made for substantial increasing of the efficiency of the enterprise’s work.

Efficiency means reduction of costs, economy of human resources, increasing of orders processing speed, possibility of providing the new services.

Even though the cleaning field of nowadays consists of separate elements, it represents a complex remedy for improving your own business. The high quality service is a base for keeping your business on the unexcelled high.

The efficiency of cleaning service is one of the reasons of the business success.

The portfolio of our company includes complex solutions for your enterprise. These are:

1. Development of the general project of object service.

  • Development of cleaning programs:
    • The Technological card (on constant or periodic basis)
    • The Operational card (on constant or periodic basis)
    • The Schedule of rational use of the equipment
    • Calculation of the regulated quantity of employees at the object
    • Calculation of the optimum expense of professional strength
  • Creation of a mobile team for overtime works

2. Fulfillment of one-time works

3. Equipment of object with professional cleaning tools:

  • The Professional equipment
  • Professional stock
  • Professional disposable materials

4. Training of the service staff