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Industrial Climbing

Our company has a team of experts who do the high-rise cleaning and washing the windows and walls of a building. We use professional tools, cleaners and climbing equipment only. This allows to do the job at temperature of air to minus 5 °С.

Industrial climbing is used very widely – for front works, windows washing, cleaning the roof from snow and icicles, hermetic sealing of interpanel seams in apartments, buildings. The works can be done either once or steadily.

Advantages of industrial climbing are obvious: it’s cheaper than works with using autotowers or building woods. Because the assemblage of woods takes some time, and a climber can start the work immediately.

Types of industrial climbing services:

  • High-rise windows washing, wiping of glasses, frames and interframe spaces, show-windows washing
  • Cleaning of facades, protection them from wall saltpeter, which shows up as a whitish covering and spoils the look of the building
  • Cleaning the surfaces from paint, cement, removal of steady dirt and washing the windows with special solution
  • Cleaning and processing of corrosion-proof details of a facade
  • Washing of high-level commercial boards
  • Warming of facades