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About the Company / Our Advantages

Shaden Group offers you the well equipped modern fleet of techniques, professional equipment and a wide choice of specialized detergent.

The cleaners used while job fulfillment (protective cleaners, detergents, polishing remedies, stain removers, disinfection cleaners, shampoos, antistatic substances, floor-polishers, clearcole, and varnishes) correspond to the requirements of the Sanitary rules and standards number 6027В and МВ 4546 and have a permission for using given by Ministry of Health Protection.

The equipment for cleaning (mops, brushes, rags, cleaning cards) has permission for purpose using given by Ministry of Health Protection.

Our company uses the equipment of VDM, professional techniques by Kercher, abstergents by Spartan, Hagleitner, Chemspec. All of the above listed passed the environmental test.