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Snow Removal

25 January 2010

Shaden Group offers you a full service of snow removal.

  • Removing of snow and icicles from roofs of buildings: 
    • It’s possible to conclude a seasonal service contract. It’ll be a guarantee of regular removing of snow and icicles from roofs 
    • When it’s a single service, the cleaning jobs are done during a day after your application 
  • Snow removal by our technician 
  • Express snow removal by our technician 
  • Express snow removal by our team 
  • Using of a truck Belarus 
  • Using of a municipal truck MKCM-800 (type СATEPILLAR) 
  • Using of a truck ZIL (manual loading) 
  • Using of a truck KAMAZ (mechanized loading)

The parties conclude the bilateral contract guaranteeing observance of all arrangements.
We offer you to use our service in an operative mode by contacting the dispatcher during any time convenient for you from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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