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Press Release

The First Ukrainian Standard of Cleaning Service Estimation

The First Ukrainian Standard of Cleaning Service Estimation

On the 13th of July 2005 the Technical Conditions ‘Service of Building and Construction Cleaning” were approved. This is a first document of that kind in our country. It was accepted by Ukrainian State Scientific and Industrial Center of Standardization, Metrology and Customers’ Rights Protection after the audit of knowledge and professional skills of the Shaden Group employees.

The document was created according to a set of state standards, sanitary rules and norms. It includes technical conditions of cleaning of the buildings and construction of industrial and living use, the adjoining territory, of care about appliances, furniture, and floor. It also includes the requirements about prevention of life, health, property, and environment.

The technical conditions also include the classification of building and construction cleaning service. The services are classified according to their technical function, type of objects that need to be cleaned.

The document includes the detailed list of cleaning procedures, which are done on the inside and outside surfaces of buildings and constructions, and on the adjoining territory. It’s considered the primary complex cleaning, everyday complex cleaning and care, weekly complex cleaning and care, general cleaning and care, and also some additional works which are done in winter. The requirements to different cleaners and tools used for cleaning are also mentioned in the document. The document also includes the requirements to the dust and dirt cleaning, stains removing, damp cleaning, furniture and metal polishing, dry cleaning, mastic and protective remedies using etc.

The Technical Conditions has the requirements to the safety and prevention of the environment, rules of job checking, methods of control and guarantees of the cleaning company. The concepts ‘clean’, ‘medium clean’, ‘inadmissible’, and the formula of cleaning coefficient are defined. The document will be expired in 10 years. It’s a property of Shaden Group. The company’s job completely meet the requirements of the Ukrainian State Committee of Technical Regulation and Customers Policy.

Source: Marketing Department