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Press Release

Our Position in Specialized Cleaning Sectors Becomes Stronger

Kyiv, 30th of September 2009. Shaden Group has started the active strengthening of its specialized sectors of activity.

In June 2009 Shaden Group made a set of marketing research works. The analysis of their results showed that specialized works became more popular both in the private and commercial sphere. The specificity of these works is that they are hard to fulfill without professional help.

These are:

  • Industrial climbing
  • Disinfection
  • Dry cleaning of the textile
  • Hydro service
  • Professional bathroom cleaning

It’s necessary to remark that all above listed services have been already done by our company, and the quality of these services has been constantly growing. Because of their popularity and high level of quality, it was decided to transform them in separate sectors.

For the growing of customers’ loyalty we’re using the following methods:

  • The special preparation in each sector
  • Improving of service technology
  • Simplification of the system of quality control
  • Slight conversion of departments
  • Creating a new marketing strategy

We use the industrial climbing first of all for high-rise windows washing and high-rise construction works. Our clients name the following advantages of our industrial climbers: high quality of work done, quick work organization, wide spectrum of using, possibility of works fulfillment even by low temperatures of air, professional education of our employees.

The spectrum of our services concerning disinfection is very wide: disinfection (methods of pathogenic microorganisms’ extermination), disinsection (insects’ extermination), deratization (rodents’ extermination), and deodoration (unpleasant smells removing). While disinfection we use safe for health of people and animals cleaners only (the cleaners of the 4th class), even though we get a perfect result, which guarantees the full extermination of viruses, microbes and funguses.

The specialists of Shaden Group fulfill the professional dry cleaning of all textile coverings existed, using just modern equipment and cleaners. The methods of coverings care depends on lots of factors: conditions of exploitation, cleanliness quality standards, equipment available, dirt-catching systems.

Our company offers all kind of hydro service; complete cleaning of surfaces from scurf; cleaning of the heat tubes surfaces; processing of the welding seams; hydrodynamic cleaning; cleaning the metal before painting; destroying and removing the concrete; cleaning of the cluttered tubes of different shape.

While cleaning the bathrooms employees of Shaden Group achieve the perfect cleanliness of it. Sometimes they do disinfection if necessary.

The trash removal means placing the trash containers; gathering, moving and burial of firm household trash, medical, biological, industrial and dangerous wastes, oil products wastes, appliances and various equipment, wasted packing and wrapping, products of poor quality, secondary row materials.

Each of these sectors is represented by the best specialists, which are educated and trained first. When doing our job we use the professional techniques and modern equipment only.

Source: Marketing Department