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Different types of house and cottage cleaning (general, daily, after construction) have its specificities. But there’s a general scheme of house and cottage cleaning. It includes:

  • Washing of the windows, window-sills and slopes
  • Washing of the chandeliers, sconces and other luminaries
  • Dust removal from all over the horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Washing of the water-resistant surfaces
  • Washing of the doors, platbands and plinths
  • Cleaning of the radiators from dirt
  • Cleaning of the kitchens and dining rooms
  • Washing and disinfection of bathrooms
  • Washing of the shower rooms
  • Washing of the glass and mirror surfaces
  • Cleaning and polishing of the accessorize
  • Plinth washing
  • Dust removal from the floor with vacuum cleaning
  • Damp processing of the water-resistant floor

Specialized works are done if required:

  • Refrigerator defrosting and washing
  • Washing of the microwave oven
  • Polishing the parquet floor with specialized techniques
  • Dry cleaning of the carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Putting protection polymer on the linoleum
  • Crystallization of marble floor and polishing it afterwards
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Cleaning of the adjoining territory
  • Care of the decorative plants
  • Lawn cutting
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