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Cleaning of Windows and Shop-Windows

05 January 2010

Cleaning of Windows and Shop-Windows

Cleaning of windows is made in several stages:

Frames washing. Before glasses cleaning we wipe frames and window sills with a soft fabric to remove dust from those. When necessary we carefully wash frames and window sills.

We use universal cleaners for washing metal, plastic and painted with oil or enamel paints window frames and window sills. These cleaners contain surface-active substances and usually don’t have abrasive components. The surface is rinsed with pure water after washing. Hot water (above 60 °C) is not applied when painted surfaces are washed, because it can lose its shine or even get destroyed. Frames and window sills, which have decoration of consist of valuable breeds of a tree, are wiped with clean rag and warm water without any cleaners. Afterwards frames and window sills are processed with special wood detergent. Plastic and PVC double-glazed windows are cleaned with special detergent for plastic, which gives a natural shine. Special means are used for rubber consolidations too.

Preparation and glass cleaning. Very dirty glasses are rinsed with pure water and cleaned by special metal scraper. It is necessary to notice that windows are completely cleaned if they are new or dirty only.

Glass washing. The washing solution is put on glass by means of a spray, then glass is washed with a sponge, a brush or a washing scraper.

Glass drying. The washing solution is removed from glass by means of a rubber scraper.


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