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Requirements of Quality for cleaning

Requirements to the Quality of Cleaned Surfaces

Type of cleaningType of surfaceQuality of surface after cleaning Method of control
1Removing of type and trash
1.1 Firm and half-firm flooring, walls etc.

Absence of trash, dirt, dust and trash under the furniture, in the corners, on the plinths and in the other hard-to-reach places, and also the rests of wiping materialsChecking
1.2. Carpets, carpet coverings, upholstered furniture and car saloonsAbsence of down, dust of the carpet’s pile or on the trimming materialChecking
2Removing of dust
2.1. Firm flooring, walls, interior detailsAbsence of non-removed stainsChecking
2.2. Carpets, carpet coverings, upholstered furniture and car saloonsThe paint of carpets should be steady to the influence of stain-removers. The inappropriate faults: traces of paint on the white fabric, washed in the stain-remover solution, after the applying to the surface of carpet: non-removed stains except for those, which should be removed by destroying of paint of pile; big stains; stains around the removed pollution; damaging of fibers structure; decolouration of the surface.Checking
3Damp cleaning3.1 Firm and half-firm flooringAbsence of down; dirt; dust and other firm pieces in the hard-to-reach places; stains, left after moping or by the nozzle of machine; extra-dampness; loosing of shine of the flooring. The cleaned surface should be slippery after the drying.Checking should be done no later than after 30 minutes after the cleaning.
3.2. WallsAbsence of stickiness of the surface, stains, dried drops and the other kinds of pollutions, which may cause the destroying of walls structure and its surfaces.Checking should be done no later than after 30 minutes after the cleaning.
3.3. Windows, mirrors, glass surfaces.Absence of dirt, dust on the glasses and frames, stains, finger prints, dried drops of the cleaning remedies, dullness, rests of wiping materials fibers.Checking should be done no later than after 30 minutes after the cleaning.
3.4. Carpets, carpet coverings, upholstered furniture and car saloons.Safety of integrity, color and the sizes of carpet products; absence of non-dried fibers in the base, absence of stains, decoloration and dullness of color; absence of traces of used equipment. The deformations of pile, rests of the cleaners aren’t accepted; in this case the pile is sticky and foamy. The changing of lining sizes should exceed 3%. The index of dampness of carpets shouldn’t exceed 20% after 24 hours after the cleaning; it’ll correspond to the standard of defining of superficial effect – 80 units. The rest containment of superficially active parts shouldn’t exceed 50% of the preliminary quantity of superficially active parts in the working solution of washing remedies.Changing of the lining sized, the left dampness, containment of superficially active parts.
3.5. Sanitary and technical equipment and water-proof surfaces.Absence of cement coating and lime deposits, water and urinal stones, and deposits, soot, grease and stains of rust, deposits of dirt, rests of soap and oxidation in the hard-to-reach places, behind the cranes, around the loops of seating places, stains on the metallic pieces, smells, rests of cleaners except for those which can’t be removed according to the producer’s instruction.The requirements to the quality of cleaning and disinfection in the public places.
3.6 Kitchen, trade and mechanic equipmentAbsence of dirt, grease, rests of food, fingerprints on the external surfaces.Requirements to the quality of cleaning for enterprises of public food services and industrial trade.
4Polishing4.1. Furniture and metallic surfacesAbsence of stickiness and rests of polisher, unevenness of shining.The white fabric, which is applied to the surface, shouldn’t have the rests of polisher.
5Dry cleaning5.1. Firm and half-firm flooring etc.Absence of traces of non-mechanical influences, cleaners, wax, polishers, membranes of protective solutions.The hydrogenous index of pH of damp surface should be from 6 to 86.
6Applying of mastic6.1. Half-firm flooringIncreasing of steadiness to the abrasion and appearance of stains from the hills by means of firm wear-proof and water-proof nonskid membranes with mate shine or glance shine; absence of slippery surfaces, deterioration of flooring quality. The polishing covering should be of high resistance to water.According to GOST 24455
7Applying of protective solutions7.1. Carpets, carpet coverings, upholstered furniture, car saloons, wall-papersReducing of decoloration, increasing of resistance to dirtChecking
7.2. Firm flooringIncreasing of anti-slippery resistance and steadiness to the influence of soles, easing of everyday cleaningChecking
8Priming and varnishing8.1. Half-firm flooringThe same as for 6.1; the varnished surface of the floor should have the even shine. The difference of indexes of shining shouldn’t exceed 5%.According to GOST 16143 and GOST 24404
9Polishing and crystallization9.1. Firm flooringAbsence of slippery surfaces and deterioration of flooring quality. The surface should have the even shining after crystallization. The difference of indexes of shining shouldn’t exceed 5%. Before the beginning of crystallization, the oxide index of pH of washed floor should be from 6 to 8. The shining of covering should be according to GOST 16143 and GOST 24404.
10Cleaning with applying of antistatic10.1. Office technique, computers, apparatusAbsence of dust in the hard-to-reach places, rests of wiping materials fibers, stains and fingerprintsChecking
10.2. Carpets, carpet coverings, upholstered furniture, car saloonsAbsence of fiber sticking, changing of color, reducing of durability of trimming materials, reducing of pollution levelChecking
11Cleaning11.1. Metallic surfacesAbsence of dust, stains, fingerprintsChecking