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Dry-cleaning of carpets

The highly skilled staff of our company can do a dry cleaning of carpets, carpet coverings and other textile coverings with using of modern technologies. Dry cleaning can be done as a single work or as a part of general cleaning. The product looks as good as a new one after our dry cleaning: the pile is smoothed, stains disappear. There are two types of dry-cleaning – dry and damp cleaning.

  • The first type is made with vacuum cleaning. The carpet is processed with a special dry powder or foamy cleaner. Then it’s cleaned with a special one-disk rotary appliance.
  • Damp (or deep) cleaning of carpets is more capacious process. It helps to improve the carpet. At first the superficial gathering of a dust is made with vacuum cleaning. Then local stains are deduced. Then a strong chemical powder or emulsive mixture is rubbed into carpet by means of strong mechanical influence. It helps to clean even very dirty surfaces. Then a basic process of cleaning is made. The extractor appliance is used to wash away the dirt and cleaning powder solution from the carpet. Afterwards the carpet is dried with electrodryer.

All cleaners are completely safe for health. It’s especially important when children’s rooms, educational and medical institutions are being cleaned.

As an additional service it’s possible to process a carpet with antistatic (for removal and prevention of static electricity formation), or to deodorize the product to eliminate unpleasant smell, or to protect the carpet with special mixtures which are slowing down the process of pollution.

The myth which most of people believe in is that the dry cleaning is necessary when the dirt becomes visible only. Strong pollution needs more difficult, expensive and aggressive to a covering dry cleaning. You need to remember that dirt not only spoils the look of a carpet but also speeds up its deterioration.

Regular cleaning allows to maintain a good look of a product for a long time (in other words, periodicity of cleanings should be such that there wouldn’t be any day when the covering could be called dirty).