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Everyday Cleaning

Daily cleaning – a complex of cleaning services, individually matched for each service object. The purpose of forming this package of services is the most convenient, professional, qualitative cleanup on the object.

The complex consists of:

1) Daily inside and outside areas cleaning:

a) Basic Cleaning

b) Support Cleaning

2) General Cleaning

3) Specialized Cleaning Services

4) Supply of Expendable Materials in Restrooms

5) Waste Removal and Recycling Services

1) On a daily regime (permanent presence of service personnel at the object) the employees of the company perform the inside and outside cleaning by means of Dry (dry mop-system) and Wet Cleaning (wet mop-system).

a) The Basic Cleaning is carried out early in the morning (shopping centers) and late in the evening (business centers). In some cases (offices, fitness centers, cinemas, warehouses) cleaning works are executed at night, during the total absence of the visitors and staff of the customer. The frequency of the Basic Cleaning depends on the format of the service object. It can be whether a round-the-clock cleaning or an attendance of a group of service personnel for several hours, any time.

The conventional statement of works of the basic cleaning includes:

  • Dry and wet floor coverings cleaning by means of mop systems and floor cleaning technique;
  • Carpets vacuum cleaning (if any);
  • Interior elements cleaning;
  • Glass surfaces cleaning;
  • Restroom complex cleaning and disinfection;
  • Trash cans cleaning and washing, replacement of liners;
  • Anti-splash mats cleaning;
  • Trash removing to the street litter bins;
  • Maintenance of сleanliness in the elevators and elevator lobbies;
  • Metal and chrome surfaces treatment with special polishes.

b) The Support Сleaning is aimed to remove casual contaminations which can emerge during the high-grade work of the service object. For the convenience of the object’s visitors, for the purpose of the company employees’ trouble-free service and at the same time of their accurate fast response to the emerging contaminations inside the buildings or offices, we coordinate the positioning of the service personnel and cleaning equipment in the daytime. Also can be executed a local cleaning of places unappropriated for the general use (fire-escapes, technical rooms).

2) During General Cleaning (short-term stay of additional personnel at the service object), the cleaning company’s service personnel (mobile brigade or night shift) perform a thorough cleaning of various surfaces using floor cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners, steam generators, floor polishers, pressure washers; execution of thorough cleaning works in the restrooms, zones of abundant flow of visitors, as well as catering areas (food-courts). It should be noted that a special attention is paid to the escalators, wiping the dust on the interior elements, which are not available during the day works, a careful cleaning on hard-to-reach places where invisible dust accumulates.

3) Specialized cleaning services such as – high-rise cleaning and washing of vertical surfaces, rubbing and care for stainless interior elements, high-rise facade glass and tile cleaning, shall be based on a preliminary agreement with the customer.

4) Supply of Expendable Materials in Restrooms is approved individually for each service object.  There is a calculation of the required quantity of consumables (toilet paper, liquid soap, paper towels etc.), which depends on the number of employees and visitors who are daily being on the serviced object. Managers of the «Shaden group» company present to the customer at choice several variants of each kind of production, therefore it is possible to choose the best variant.

5) The complex of services for daily cleaning includes waste removal and recycling. Managers will calculate the required number of containers for garbage, the frequency of waste disposal.

The range of services on removal of household waste includes:

  • rental of containers for waste collection;
  • replacement of containers in case of malfunction;
  • trash removal and collection, sorting and distribution of waste on containers;
  • household waste removal according to the approved schedule.

Development and implementation of the project.

For a preliminary calculation of the commercial  offer on daily maintenance, our specialists visit the object, specify all subtleties and nuances important for the customer. Are taken into consideration all the personal wishes of the client, the object’s format, the operating mode, turnout and many other above-mentioned factors that affect the qualitative result of cooperation between the customer and the cleaning company; we calculate the labor force, develop the work program and provide the final commercial offer.

The working program development in its turn, is divided into adoption and implementation of:

  • operation cards of the service object – a direct target operating schedule of the service personnel, the list of operations to be done by every employee in a certain period of time in order to achieve the most effective result.
  • operation layouts, which include not only the task works, but also the technology of their performance, is taken into account the type of equipment, inventory and expendable materials, the sequence of their use.

After description of such “detailed routes” and approval of contractual obligations, the implementation of the project is reduced to the team work of the company’s leading specialists, when each step of the object’s service personnel and manager is practically worked out.

Performing a daily cleaning, the service personnel of the “Shaden group” cleaning company aspires to create a comfortable climate inside and outside, both for the customer’s employees and the visitors of the entrusted object.