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Cleaning After Construction

Cleaning After Construction

Cleaning a placement after construction allows to put it in order after repair or construction.

Employees of our company will quickly and qualitatively clean the placement by means of professional cleaners and equipment. They’ll remove steady pollutions, fat stains, paint stains, etc. Alkaline cleaners with a pleasant fresh smell will easily clean stone, tile and other waterproof floor coverings from building dirt. Wooden and parquet floors are cleaned from dust and a dirt with special soft equipment that will make it shine.

Cleaning of placement after construction is made in two basic stages:

1. Large garbage cleaning and removing.

If you’re carrying a dimensioned repair or construction jobs, it’s advisable to talk over the issues of garbage removal and intermediate cleaning with a manager of the cleaning company. It’ll allow not to spread building dust all over the placement.

2. Final cleaning of a placement.

  • Vacuum cleaning of a carpet covering with a vacuum cleaner
  • Damp cleaning of a floor by means of the service cart and special detergent
  • Rubbing of door blocks
  • Complex cleaning and disinfection of toilets, bathrooms:
    • Floor washing
    • Door blocks washing
    • Cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces
    • Cleaning of tiled walls, lavatory pans, urns, accessories
    • Cleaning of sinks, external parts of admissions
    • Garbage removal and garbage bins cleaning
  • Garbage removal
  • Removal of local dirt from legs of armchairs
  • Removal of dust and local dirt from mirror and glass surfaces of show-windows
  • Removal of dust and dirt from window sills, washing of windows, open surfaces of cupboards, nightstands, a leather upholstery of furniture, appliances and office equipments, switches, desk lamps, decorative products, outlets and frames
  • Dust removal from plinths
  • Rubbing of shoe-polish devices and it stands
  • Removal of steady dirt from floors of any type
  • Damp cleaning of floors with a firm covering (linoleum, a natural or artificial stone, a tile, a parquet)
  • Removal of local dirt from moisture resistant walls
  • Polishing of wooden and glass surfaces
  • Removal of a snuff and fat from gas-stoves, grease catchers and other kitchen equipment
  • Oxide removal and restoration of copper, brass and bronze products
  • Removal of a dust and dirt from eaves and Venetian blinds
  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstered furniture