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Press Release

Clean Present for Children

Shaden Group fulfilled the charitable cleaning in the children’s home ‘The Cradle of Children’s Hope’ (“Колыбель детской надежды”).

Kyiv, the 23 of July 2009. The cleaning company ‘Shaden Group’ has done a charitable cleaning in the children’s home ‘The Cradle of Children’s Hope’.

The children’s home is located in the Kyiv suburban area, and it’s completely supported by charity of natural and legal people.

Our specialists fulfilled the general cleaning of the building: cleaned the premises, dry cleaned the carpets and toys, washed the windows and disinfected the bathrooms. All of these works was done by 20 experienced employees of Shaden Group. They used the modern cleaning techniques and equipment, hypoallergic cleaners, which make no harm to children’s health and were specially created for cleaning children’s premises.

‘We tried to fulfill the whole complex of jobs as fast and qualitative as we could’, the manager of Express Service Department tells, ‘We asked the most experience staff to do the task, because thus we can be sure in the quality of job made. Children are the most important thing in our life. And if we have a possibility to make them at least a tad happier, healthier and cheery, we just can’t help using it’.

The general manager of Shaden Group Denis Kish added that the company was doing its first steps in the charity and everything began with children’s care’.

In the near future Shaden Group is about to fulfill a set of charity actions to help children.

When doing our job we use the professional techniques and modern equipment only.

Source: Marketing Department