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Scheme of business-center cleaning

Everyday cleaning of business-center includes:

  • Sweeping of sidewalks and adjoining territory
  • Damp cleaning of central entrance
  • Cleaning and polishing of metal surfaces
  • Urns cleaning and washing, putting plastic bags into them
  • Cleaning flower-beds and trash removing
  • Trash and snow removing and utilization

Every night cleaning of building:

  • Wiping of furniture, doors, facing panel walls, pillars
  • Damp machinery cleaning of floor coverings
  • Damp cleaning of elevators, halls and stairs
  • Cleaning and washing of ash-trays and trash bins
  • Complex bathrooms cleaning

Everyday fa?ade cleaning:

  • Trash removal
  • Cleaning of entrances
  • Washing of granite and shop-windows
  • Cleaning and polishing of metal surfaces

Everyday office cleaning:

  • Cleaning of trash bins
  • Cleaning of the floor by means of floor cleaning machine
  • Polishing of the non-rusting peaces and glasses
  • Dry and damp floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of the staff placements
  • Washing and cleaning of appliances and dishes
  • Wiping of the furniture, doors, walls, etc.
  • Trash bins cleaning and putting plastic bags into them
  • Windows wiping

Everyday parking entrance cleaning

Cleaning of the service premises

Everyday maintenance cleaning:

  • Maintenance cleaning of the business-center
  • Removing of accidental pollutions from all places which are being cleaned
  • Maintenance cleaning of the public places
  • Half-damp cleaning of elevators, halls and stairs
  • Maintenance cleaning of adjoining territory

General cleaning

  • General cleaning of the business-center
  • General cleaning of the parking entrance
  • Dry cleaning of floor tile
  • Dry cleaning of dirt-gathering rugs
  • Washing of the inside windows in the building

Snow and trash removal

Fa?ade washing is done by means of industrial climbing

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