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Cleaning of the warehouse can be held generally, daily and after construction. Regardless of its type there’s a basic scheme of cleaning.

The base of warehouse cleaning is the cleaning of the floor coverings. When estimating the volume of the works and its cost the manager pays attention first of all on the area of premises and the possibility of cleaning equipment using.

Floor cleaning machines are good for cleaning the warehouse with the floor of high quality (bulk floor, metallic tile, ceramics with granite). They are effective when using on the floors with shaggy and slippery resistant surface.

Disk rotating machines are used for maintenance cleaning.

Sweeping machines without absorb function are good for concrete floor. The machines clean it basically, fast and without dust leaving. When the concrete floor is rubbed sore the tiniest dust appears. It stuffs all filters really fast. That’s why both vacuum cleaners and sweeping machines need to have theirs filters cleaned.
Sweeping machines are also suitable for big fridges cleaning.

Sweeping and absorbing machines are good for the asphalt floor. They are equipped with flat polyester filters, which essentially reduce the amount of dust thrown out.
If there’s a large dust it’ll be removed before the beginning of works.

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