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The hotels cleaning can be daily, general and after construction. Each type has its specificity, but there’s a general scheme of hotel cleaning. It traditionally includes:

Hotel rooms cleaning:

1. Cleaning of the ceiling (manual and machinery)
2. Cleaning of the walls (marble walls are cleaned manually, painted walls are cleaned by means of machines)
3. Cleaning and washing of the firm floor (stone and wooden floor):

  • Sweeping
  • Mopping (mopping from dust; damp and wet mopping)
  • Cleaning of floor covering (manual or machinery)
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Care of the floor: grinding, stripping, polishing, putting of the varnish

4. Cleaning of the soft floors (carpets):

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Stains removal
  • Bubble gums removal
  • Damp extraction
  • Dry cleaning
  • Cleaning with detergent vacuum

5. Cleaning of furniture and accessorize:

  • Furniture cleaning and polishing
  • Door blocks cleaning
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning
  • Removal of stains from the upholstery

6. Cleaning and washing of glasses and mirrors
7. Cleaning of the illuminating equipment:

  • Removal of dust from the lamps and light panels
  • Chandelier and lamps washing

8. Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms:

  • Sink cleaning
  • Lavatory pan and urinal cleaning
  • Bathroom and shower room cleaning
  • Cleaning of the mirrors
  • Cleaning of the paper towels, soap and toilet paper dispensers
  • Doors and floor cleaning

9. Appliances cleaning with putting antistatic agent by special methods

Cleaning of stairs, elevators and passages:
1. Stairs cleaning
2. Elevators cleaning:

  • Cleaning the walls, doors and the floor
  • Polishing of the surfaces

3. Passages cleaning

Cleaning of the placements in the building:

1. Kitchen cleaning:

  • Cleaning of the ceiling, walls and the floor
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces for cooking
  • Washing of the floors, walls and friseur equipment
  • Removal of difficult meal pollution from grill and stove

2. Restaurant cleaning
3. Staff placements cleaning
4. Laundry cleaning

Adjoining territory cleaning

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