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Cleaning of the Medical Institutions

There’re different types of medical institutions cleaning – general, daily, after construction. Each type has its specificities, but there’s a general scheme of cleaning works.
No matter what technology is used, there’s a list of specific works typical for the cleaning of medical institutions.

The cleaning should begin with the organic pollution removing. The dirt is cleaned with detergent and then removed. This procedure improves washing and disinfection. Any organic pollution is a habitat for pathogenic bacteria and its power supply at the same time. If it’s not removed, the following washing and disinfection will be senseless. Then the surface is being cleaned with detergent, which prepares the surface to disinfection. Considering that some detergents contain both washing and disinfecting components, sometimes washing replaces disinfection. It is natural, because the regular cleaning with “correct” detergent constrains the reproduction of bacteria. It doesn’t allow the bacteria to exceed a contamination threshold. If the disinfection is still necessary it is always preceded by washing. Disinfection destroys almost all microbes. Then the careful washing of all processed surfaces and equipment is done. Afterward all the surfaces are being dried.
When cleaning the hospital premises aseptic word order is used. This means using just clean equipment and removing the dirt from clean surface to dirty.

Cleaners which are used in medical institutions:

  • Alkalescent cleaners, which are used for:
    • The floor
    • Furniture and adjoining surfaces
    • Machinery cleaning of the floor
    • Regular cleaning
    • Windows cleaning
  • Neutral cleaners, which are used for:
    • Manual dishes cleaning
    • Refrigerators cleaning
    • Windows cleaning
    • Toys cleaning
    • Cleaning of the bathrooms and sanitary rooms
  • Disinfection cleaners with chlorine, which are used for:
    • Bleaching
    • Unpleasant smells removal
    • Kitchen and sanitary rooms
    • Service rooms
    • Removal of discharge stains
  • Cleaners for floor washing
  • Acid cleaners, which are used for removal of lime’s and rust’s clots
  • Cleaners for stain removal, which are used for difficult stains and grease dirt removing
  • Remedies for hand care, which are used for hands cleaning and disinfection
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