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Educational Institution Cleaning

The educational institution cleaning can be general, daily, and after construction. The proper and timely cleaning is a good way to secure the children’s health, to reduce the sickness rate and the money wasted on medical treatment. The cleaning helps to create the atmosphere that is favorable for physical and moral health.

The educational institution cleaning includes:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of premises during the whole day
  • Cleaning all the premises: vestibules, passage, stairs, classrooms, teachers room, offices, warehouses, kitchen, dining room
  • Damp cleaning of public places and passages
  • Damp cleaning of classes (floor washing, dust removing, blackboard and walls washing)
  • Cleaning of the all surfaces in bathrooms, ceramic tile, porcelain and steel surfaces, their disinfection
  • Trash removal in the premises
  • Putting trash bins in the premises, cleaning of the trash bins, and trash removal
  • Making solutions for washing and disinfection
  • Windows washing
  • General cleaning of the floor (the protection covering is being put if necessary)
  • General cleaning of the all surfaces
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