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Cleaning of Industrial Organizations

The cleaning of industrial organization can be general, daily and after construction. Each type has its own specificities, but there’s a general scheme of industrial organizations cleaning.

The specificity of industrial organization cleaning depends on the type of its production. Usually there’re following types of industrial organizations: pulp-and-paper, metal-working, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic. The type of cleaning depends on the type of the industrial organizations.

For example, the main requirement of metal-working factories cleaning is maintenance of order at the workplace for safety.

When dealing with the food factories the cleaning company has different tasks. The main condition of food production and storage is maintenance of cleanliness and norms of hygiene. That’s why the aim of cleaning is to maintain the proper sanitary conditions and decrease the quantity of harmful microorganisms.
The experts of our company get acquainted with a type of production and requirements to premises condition. Then they can choose the best set of cleaning services for the industrial organization and offer the most efficient work methods.

But regardless of the type of industrial organization there’s a general scheme of its cleaning:

  • Walls cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Cleaning of the ceiling and interfactory space
  • Cleaning of the pillars and ferroconcrete parts of the building
  • Cleaning of the electrical equipment
  • Firm floor care:
    • Daily cleaning with using detergents
    • Floor cleaning with putting protection covering
    • Repair of the polymeric covering
  • Office cleaning:
    • Cleaning the window-sills, furniture and appliances from the dust
    • Cleaning the glass in the office
    • Cleaning the office chairs
    • Coach cleaning
    • Floor washing
    • Cleaning of the carpets
    • Trash removal
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Replacing of the finished materials
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