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Airport Cleaning

The airport building cleaning can be general, daily, and after construction. Each kind of it has its specificity, but there’s a general scheme of cleaning works.

Airports cleaning scheme traditionally includes:

  • Terminals’ facades washing
  • Washing of the facades of cargo warehouse
  • Washing of the platform brigades buildings
  • Terminal washing:
    • Washing of the upholstering border of the roof
    • Washing of the plastic surfaces of sheds
    • Washing of the external part of glasses, entrance group of the take-off, emergency exit
    • Washing of the fa?ade – its central, right and left part
    • Washing of the inclined stained-glass window of a dome
    • Removal of the birds’ nests under the dome
    • Fa?ade washing, which includes domes on the roof, sheds, entrance porch
    • Washing of the gallery fa?ade from the direction of platform including walls, glass coverings, gallery roof
    • Washing of the exit group fa?ade
    • Aerobridges washing
    • Washing of the luggage space fa?ade
    • Washing of the ramp including roof and side walls
    • Washing of the storage device
    • Washing of the transition from a storage device to another one