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About the Company / Green Technologies

Fighting with the dirt and microbes we can do even more harm.

The most of cleaners we used to have dubious environmental qualities. Instead of choosing the cleaners which destroy everything when being used we’d rather prefer natural products and methods, which can not only keep the premises clean, but also not to make harm to your health and environment. The cleaners are left everywhere – on the furniture, clothes, floor, and windows and in the air.

Our company tries to use the “green” cleaners only.

  • There’re brands of healthy, green and effective cleaners. They are not poisonous, can’t be decomposed by the microorganisms, and made from the safe components.
  • It’s advisable to air the premises as often as possible. The fresh air is a base of cleanliness. It’s especially important when cleaning the premises.
  • Be especially careful with the antibacterial remedies. They are sometimes considered to be necessary, especially during the cold season. However they don’t make your hands cleaner than it can be done with soap and water. Besides there’s a risk of growing the “high-level” microbes and bacteria that can stand any attack.
  • It’s relevant not to use the artificial air-fresheners too often. The best alternative is natural aromatic oils, spices, flowers and grass. It’s not only pleasantly, but also useful.
  • Ask for help just those cleaning companies which are using the green technologies. People who care about themselves and their co-workers can take care about you.
  • Use the qualitative dirt-protective coverings only. They’ll help non to bring dirt and toxins from the outside. Less dirt means less time for cleaning and fewer cleaners.
  • The good cleaning specialist can be a guard of your investments. The proper cleaning program will safe your money.