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About the Company / Corporative Code

The Extracts from the Corporative Code of Shaden Group

1. The general part.

The corporate culture is a complicated multilayered phenomenon which consists of material and spiritual elements and illustrates the behaviors of employees. The harmonicity and transparency of these components is a pledge of healthy and steady development of the company.
Like any other company Shaden Group has three real values – its employees, its reputation and its clients.
The main responsibility of each employee is a professional, effective and fast performance of their work duties. Accomplishment of the great mission is only possible when each employee realizes their corporate values.
The business ethics implies knowledge about the main ethic ideas, about the moral requirements to the job style and look of the business person. The business ethics implies first of all the way of behavior with clients and ethics of documents accounting, using just ethical methods of competence.
The essential part of the Corporative Code is communicational culture and business ethics. The business ethics represents the certain norms, which regulate the job style, style of companies’ intercommunication, the look of a business person, consecution and manner of negotiation etc.
The Corporate Code is necessary to fulfill by all the company’s employees.

2. The general principles:

  1. The adherence to the ethic rules allows doing the business successfully.
  2. Each of the Shaden Group employees has to adherence to the high standards of behavior, which should correspond to the responsibility and company’s traditions. The high standards of behavior imply the adherence to the ideas of honesty, conscientiousness, objectivity and respectful attitude.
  3. Each of the clients and each employee, regardless of the race, language, political and religion views, sex, nationality and culture, has a right to be treated honestly and fair. Any kind of discrimination contradicts to the Corporative Code and is an unacceptable behavior. If any discrimination or jaundice is determined, the management of Shaden Group will take measures to prevent it.
  4. The main principle of any Shaden Group employee regardless of their position and responsibilities must be a respectful treatment of any person.
  5. The principle of mutual respect is equal for both employees of Shaden Group and management of the company.